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The ‘Selfie Generation’ do not believe in handheld cameras. They don’t understand the power of a Canon camera and hence, prefer to use their smartphones to capture and share photos. Canon needed a new way to connect with them when we launched the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS: The handheld camera with the world’s longest zoom! So how do we get the attention of the ‘selfie generation’ to experience the power of SX60 HS?


Whilst “Selfie Generation” Millennials are taking more pictures and sharing them on social networks, they no longer believe in using hand-held cameras. This led us to uncover the core insight - Smartphones have made Millennials forget how good a picture can be.


But when they see the improved picture quality that a hand-held camera delivers vs a smartphone, they react positively. They’re social feed addicts, they know higher picture quality increases the social currency value of their social posts - better pictures = more Likes!


And so, our communication objective was clear – find a Millennial-rich, social-mobile, visual environment and shift mind-sets by demonstrating Canon camera capabilities that smartphones simply can’t match. Intuitively Instagram was perfect!


We also knew Millennials wanted innovative experiences and love positively disruptive content.


But there’s a problem; on Instagram, you have to follow Instagram rules. There is little you can do to truly disrupt. And then we found the angle: “..the frustration of trying to zoom in on an Instagram image and remembering that you can’t”

Creative Business Solution

We used what Instagram couldn’t do, to help demonstrate what Canon could and put the power of a 65x zoom directly into the hands of Millennials via their smartphones and created Canon Instazoom, the world’s first zoomable Instagram photo.

In an environment that didn’t let you zoom, we demonstrated a zoom capability their smartphone simply couldn’t compete against, and let our Millennial audience rediscover the power of Canon’s hand held cameras.

Getting one of the world’s largest social networks to do something they can’t yet do is tough. So, we got smart, and a bit cheeky. We set up and linked 33 Instazoom Instagram accounts, cleverly used Instagram’s tagging feature to link a total of 297 individual photos, creating a seamless zoom-like experience. A further 330 tailor-made captions were created which helped guide people to uncover 24 unique scenes hidden somewhere within the picture. Only the world’s most powerful zoom could unlock them.

Interaction with the campaign meant our audience being immersed and engaged in a unique experience they’d never seen before in a mobile-friendly and very sticky manner!

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Canon Instazoom

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